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About the monument


See also: Corcovado Mountain
Statue facing the city.

Built in 1931, Christ the Redeemer, a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, is considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World , being the only Brazilian wonder, along with important other wonders, like the Great Wall of China, the Hellenistic temple of Petra in Jordan, Machu Pichu in Peru, the Coliseum in Rome, Italy, Taj Mahal and the temple of the Mayan civilization at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer, though majestic, is not the main attraction. What impresses most visitors is the breathtaking panoramic view. Almost every major city attractions can be enjoyed away from the top. The Sugar Loaf, the Guanabara Bay, the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean are the points that stand out in the landscape

—Andre Sampaio

Cidade à noite ao fundo.

On top of 2300 feet Corcovado Mountain|Corcovado -EN]] , Christ is the most photographed tourist attraction in the country. Since the year 2000, when it received new lighting, the monument and its accesses are undergoing a revitalization process. The highlight was the inauguration of mechanized access in 2002, with panoramic elevators and escalators. So, you no longer need to face the 220 steps leading to the statue's base.

Statue of Christ Redeemer.
The view from Corcovado is breathtaking! You can see the whole city from the top of Corcovado, get excellent photos of Sugarloaf, and take a nice photo of the statue, which sits up there. Even if you are not religious, this is a place you can not lose when you're in Rio! I was in Corcovado three times and each time is like the first!

—Sônia Cristina

And even before reaching the Christ, the visitors can find about the history of the place on Cosme Velho Station, the train station that leads to the top of the mountain. The station went on a complete renovation, and now have a modern and confortable atmosphere. A new pier was built, along with tourist stores, VIP rooms and an auditorium. The highlight is the Cultural Center, where the entire rich history of the Railroad and the Monument are described.

Nearby attractions


Corcovado Hill before receiving the statue.

The Christ the Redeemer statue stands atop the Corcovado Mountain, 710 meters above sea level.

How to get there

  • By train - The most popular access to Christ is located at Rua Cosme Velho, number 513, and can go up by train every day between 8:30am and 6:30pm. The trip takes 20 minutes and costs R$ 30.00 for adults (round trip) and R$ 15.00 for children (6 to 12 years old). Children under 6 years old don't pay to get in and seniors over 60 years old pay half ( Wednesday and Thursday). The train travels into the Corcovado railway, inaugurated by Emperor Dom Pedro II in 1884. On the way up it's possible to appreciate the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world.
    • Subway to the Cosme Velho station - Exit on Largo do Machado subway station and catch the bus 584A, which leaves in front of the Cosme Velho Station.
    • Bus to Cosme Velho Station - Take the 422 or 498 bus lines at Praça XV square in city center and get out in front of Igreja Sao Judas (St. Jude Church).
  • By car - Take Cosme Velho street then Ladeira dos Guararapes street. Then eturn right on Conselheiro Lampréia street. From there, already in the Paineiras Road, follow the signs. You pay R$ 5.00 more per person, plus R$ 5.00 for the car. But beware: At weekends and holidays it is congested. There is another option, park your vehicle in Paineiras and walk for about 8000ft uphill. WE DON'T RECOMEND GO UP THERE BY CAR.
  • When you are up there - There are 3 panoramic elevators. Access is through an area that serves both visitors arriving by car and arriving at the train platform. There are also 4 escalators.
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Best side of the airplane to see Christ Statue

Arriving from Sao Paulo

Because of the north-south path of flight from Sao Paulo to Rio, you have the vision of Christ the Redeemer on the left side of the aircraft, while the sea is on the right side. However, the aircraft approach to Santos Dumont airport can change and can take two separate routes before landing. NOTE: Because you can not predict how it will arrive, if the plane is empty and you find yourself on the wrong side, nobody will care if you switch to the window on the opposite side of the plane.

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